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Paradise Tattoo Gathering

Deposit - Demystifying Oil Painting: Oil painting from a tattoo artists perspective by Gunnar ($150 or 350 at door)

Deposit - Demystifying Oil Painting: Oil painting from a tattoo artists perspective by Gunnar ($150 or 350 at door)

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Time: Friday 10/13 @ 12 PM, Saturday 10/14 @ 12 PM, Sunday 10/15 @ 12 PM

Length: 3 hours each day

Full Price: $175 Per Class or $375 for all 3! 

($25 deposit + $150 or 350 at door)

What I fell in love with about oil paintings is the same thing I fell in love with about tattooing, it has a rich almost alchemical and mystical history. It is rich with information and subtleties allowing those that love learning an endless supply of continual education.

My goal is not to teach you how to paint what I paint. But to learn to enjoy the medium of oils as much as I do and leave with a better understanding of its capabilities and how you can apply it to your own subject matter and style.

  • Friday: Oil Painting Basics (3 hours)
    • introduction to materials, palette setup, surface preparation, drawing transfer and more. This is the foundational material that makes the process of painting more enjoyable as you will have a better understanding of what your materials do and why.
  • Saturday: Early Stage of Painting (3 hours)
    • This day begins with a demo as I walk through the early stages of beginning the painting. Then students will have time to begin a small painting of their own.
  • Sunday: The Late Stages of painting (3 Hours)
    • Of course we are compressing a lot of information into a short seminar, but here we will discuss layering paint, varnishing a dry painting and displaying and turning final art into prints, This day will contain both demos and students applying the skills.

Artist info:

Instagram: @artofgunnar

Gunnar began his professional tattooing career in 1997 and became recognized as one of the early influential artists in the New School tattoo movement inspiring young artists that became successful innovators in tattooing.

As an illustrative artist he moved into painting in the early 2000’s and had immediate success from commercial work doing art for the music industry and gallery exhibitions. Gunnar has been teaching seminars and workshops and mentoring in the tattoo community for 20 years now.

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