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Paradise Tattoo Gathering

Deposit - "No Regrets"~ The Art of Consulting by Amy Nicholls ($30 at Door)

Deposit - "No Regrets"~ The Art of Consulting by Amy Nicholls ($30 at Door)

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Time: Sunday 10/15 @ 12 PM

Length: 1.5 Hours

Full Price: $55 ($25 deposit + $30 at door)

"How to Set Professional Boundaries & Manage Expectations" Most of the time, in our journey as tattoo artists, we tend to concentrate so much on the quality of the art and the application of the tattoo, that we side-step one of the most important aspects of the profession, which is the client relations.

Tattooing might be the tattoo artists "every day" but it isn't an everyday occurrence in the lives of the clientele (or collectors). For them, it's a rare moment and a mark that goes far beyond the skin. Tattooing is an experience; It's a high-end service.

In this seminar, I (Amy C Nicholls) will share:

  • all that I've gathered in both my time as a barber and as a tattoo artist
  • about how to bring clients into a professional experience
  • feeling fully heard, while at the same time, having expectations managed.

I will also share my consultation systems as well as how I manage my work flow. I will provide materials that will aid anyone new or struggling in client relations, with how to better formulate a personal system. This will also be a great resource to any established tattoo artist who still finds themselves frustrated by the front-end work involved with getting through the people to get to the art; any who find themselves resentful and worn down by the people-work of tattooing.

If we care at all about a successful tattoo, we must navigate success from all sides. A tattoo can be gorgeous but if the person who wears it, resents the time spent attaining it, it's always going to be tainted with regret. In this seminar, learn how to really make sure that there will be "No Regrets".

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Amy Nicholls has been tattooing consistently, since 2010. Her focus is illustrational tattoo art but beyond tattooing, Amy is a licensed Master Barber, a painter, podcaster and challenges herself in the art of communications consistently. (She is also attempting more wood carving and calligraphy in recent months).

She's a certified "Competent Communicator", having taken part in Toast Masters which is an international organization, centering around leadership and communication (3 years as a member). Amy is the main host of "The Apprenticeship Diaries" podcast where "Raw meets Refined"; A podcast filled with learning journeys, illustrating what it took and what it takes to get to the lives we want.

Overall, Amy has a passion for connection and planting seeds of perspective into those she meets. She calls the state of mind that she experiences while creating, her "God Sense" as art, of any kind, is not solely the artist's vision, but a collection of inferences gathered from the universe, filtered through dedicated action, which births that which reconnects us to the infinite.


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