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Paradise Tattoo Gathering

Deposit - Preparing for Printmaking by Jason Leeser ($75 at door)

Deposit - Preparing for Printmaking by Jason Leeser ($75 at door)

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Time: Thursday 10/12 @ 1 PM

Length: 2 hours

Full Price: $100 ($25 deposit + $75 at door)

This seminar will focus on preparing your artwork for printing. Both analogue and digital artwork need to be prepared before you send your art to print. This seminar will cover topics such as photographing analogue artwork for accurate representation, what to watch out for in your images, scaling size and resolutions for maximum clarity of the image, borders and visual focus in the prints, color correction and color limitations with printing, and surface choices and types for what to print on.

Artist info:

Instagram: @phillyink

Jason has been tattooing professionally for over 10 years and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in studio art. While in college Jason was trained in many different forms of art including various forms of Printmaking. He is a member of the Reinventing the Tattoo community along with numerous other online tattoo communities and has acquired knowledge and skills in a wide variety of disciplines.


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