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Paradise Tattoo Gathering

Deposit - Transforming Scars, Transforming Lives by Lita Edwards ($200 at door)

Deposit - Transforming Scars, Transforming Lives by Lita Edwards ($200 at door)

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Time: Saturday 10/14 @ 5 PM

Length: 4 hours

Full Price: $225 ($25 deposit + $200 at door)

Advance your skillset and craft learning how to manipulate ANY scar into pieces of art regardless of scar type. This is a 4-hour course, including a book handout, and the last hour will be tattooing an actual 3d areola on fake skin with overhead visual, but I’m looking for a live model!

We will go in depth learning the different scar types and how to tattoo them; tattoo vs. camouflage, composition and flow, design selection, machine vs. stick and poke, equipment, color vs. black and gray, and so on.

Other topics will include the varying scars many artists are asked to cover, to include Breast Mastectomies, Radiation, Self-Harm Scars, Top & Bottom Surgery, Burns, Branding, Scarification gone wrong, Markings, Acne Pits, and even tattoo coverups.

As for the business side of things we’ll also get into pricing, establishing a reputation, building clientele in the medical industry, mental health awareness, and where the industry is going in this particular field. Ill also be available all weekend for further discussion outside of the class. Transform someone’s life while using yours to make a difference in a sector of the industry that has more demand than artists.

Materials Needed:

  • Notebook
  • Pen
  • Portfolio to critique if available
  • business card
  • a smile, and willingness to learn.

Artist info:

Instagram: @ArtistLita


I’m a 14 year tattoo artist, worked most of my life in the arts, and 20 year business owner. My work is absolutely my passion. I am most known for boobs and color blending, but am very diverse in styles. I enjoy a challenge and the more difficult the better. Tattooing scars was not something I expected when I came into the industry, however it has become the most rewarding of all. So much so, we opened Metamorphosis Ink in 2019, a studio focused on scar tattooing specifically. Once I realized my work could change lives, it gave me purpose for being here, and a determination to make it my specialty.

A little about my credentials: In the beginning of my career, for years I came to Paradise Tattoo Gathering to submerge myself in education and learn from the best. Today, I’ve been featured on 3 news channels for breast cancer awareness (nationwide), mental health awareness, and sports. Currently I work with, or have in the past, non-profits such as Personal Ink Foundation, Nickels for Nipples, and Tampa Bay Advocates. My number one referral is Moffit Cancer Center along with several plastic surgeons in the area. The studio and myself has been featured on multiple podcasts for culture, self-awareness, and women empowerment. Multiple articles have been written locally, as well as a few industry magazines and/or features, to include Blackwerk, Painful Pleasures, Kingpin Tattoo Supply, and Ink Junkeyz. I’ve done speaking engagements for Florida Hospital Breast Cancer Group, The Rotary Club, and the City of Dunedin. In 2019 I was featured in an 8 month exhibit for the Dunedin History Museum titled “Jagged Lines, the History of Tattooing in America”. I hold several awards to include, best chest, overall color, floral, ornamental, black and gray dark skin, and head piece.

Currently I have 3 “tattoo children”, and protégé’s, I have been mentoring under me for 6 years, 3 years, and the most recent at 8 months. All have been learning the scar craft with the intent to be a part of my legacy and carry the torch on because there is such a demand for what people are seeing now as an option to close a chapter of their life. I also teach in-studio courses and offer one-on-one training for specific categories to include watercolor, 3d areolas, color-blending, and scar coverups.


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