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Paradise Tattoo Gathering

Deposit - Hex Method - Advanced Techniques for Non-Portrait Black and Gray by Cooper ($550 at door)

Deposit - Hex Method - Advanced Techniques for Non-Portrait Black and Gray by Cooper ($550 at door)

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Time: Saturday 10/13 @ 3 PM & Sunday 10/14 @ 3 PM

Length: 2+ Hours each day

Full Price: $575 ($25 deposit + $550 at door)

Ever want to get those large fields of gray-wash smooth and even? Maybe even with a crisp no outline edge? Want to have better tone and texture control in your black and gray all while still being fast and not overworking or falsely darkening skin? This is the workshop for you.

This will be a 2 day workshop consisting of about two hours each day with some time for questions at the end. It is broken up this way to avoid information overload or fatigue. You will need to attend both days as the second day requires that you can apply techniques from the first.

  • Day 1. Discussing tools and materials. Reviewing hidden or overlooked fundamentals. Followed by application theory, damage control and basic hex method technique.
  • Day 2. Intermediate and advanced application of hex method for control and for efficiency. Discussing when and how to use it best.

This is a technique based workshop better suited to non portrait styles of black and gray and will likely be limited to a smaller number of participants per workshop. Technical theory will be discussed first but this is primarily focused on application. Meaning Q and A and a chance to practice hands on are about half of the time involved.


Limited to 20 participants

There will be some prerequisite work:
  • photos of current work
  • machine voltages and needles used for said work
  • inks and materials listed

You will need your machines and a notebook

This seminar is focused mostly on Intermediate and advanced application techniques and not so much on the art itself (that is a different workshop).

There will be a time for a short one on one review at the end as well as a plan/recommendations for meeting your goals for your black and gray, for those who might want it. Because this gets so complex fairly quickly I am suggesting no less than five years experience for this workshop. If you are unsure about meeting the experience requirements feel free to message me directly on Instagram.

Artist Info:

Instagram: @the_superstition


Cooper has been a detail and technique focused tattooer for 23 years. 15 at Guru Tattoo in San Diego, and 8 @The_Superstition. Specializing in large scale illustration. DecoPulp art style and Bulletproof application method for ultra long lasting quality. Cooper developed Hex Method by combining traditional methodology and two decades of rigorous testing, experimenting, researching and finally eliminating inessentials. Hopefully it is helpful to those who want to continue to improve tattooing for all of us.

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